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Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl are internationally recognized for their craftsmanship, and unique artistic style. These hand-painted and glazed collectable plates, dinnerware, and stemware are a trademark of the Danish expert technique. The tradition of Royal Copenhagen & Bing & Grondahl’s craftsmanship traces back to the early 1770’s. Queen Dowager Juliane Marie and her son became partners of “Royal Danish Porcelain Manufactory”. For nearly a century it was run by the Royal family, but in 1868 it was passed into private hands. Soon Arnold Krog, an ambitious young painter/architect managing the Manufactory, began to experiment with underglaze painting, a technique which allowed for beautiful paintings which soon made the Danish plates and collectibles world famous. The color blue was used on the plates, as it was the only color that could withstand the extreme temperatures required to make this type of porcelain. The blue and white plates are distinct symbols of the Danish craftsmanship.

Royal Copenhagen Plates and Collectibles

Since 1908 the famous Danish Royal Copenhagen Dinner Plates have captivated collectors worldwide. The Danish Windmill offers a full line of Royal Copenhagen Collectibles, including plates and dinnerware, stemware, and specialty plates.

Royal Copenhagen Christmas PlateRoyal Copenhagen / Bing & Grondahl Christmas Plates

Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas Plates have been a tradition for over 100 years. In fact, you can purchase Christmas plates from each year for the past 100 years, including the original Royal Copenhagen Christmas plate from 1908. These beautiful and unique hand-painted Danish Plates have avid collectors all around the world. Collectors often seek the highly collectable Mothers Day Plates as well.

Bing & Grondahl Plates and Collectibles

Founded in 1895 B&G has since grown to be an icon of craftsmanship. Bing & Grondahl also produces plates and other hand-painted Danish collectibles for Christmas, Mothers Day, the Olympics, and more.

Danish Windmill, Elk Horn, Iowa

Believe it or not, Elk Horn's windmill was not built in Elk Horn. Built in 1848 in Norre Snede, Denmark, this mill and others like it in Denmark and throughout Europe were used to grind grain into flour for farmers in neighboring communities. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these Danish-style Mills are deteriorating throughout Europe due to advances in technology, so in 1976 The Danish Windmill was disassembled and brought to Elk Horn, Iowa. Read more about the Danish Windmill’s history here.

Since then, the Danish Windmill has become the heart of this small Danish community of 650 citizens. The Danish Windmill is not only a tourist destination but also a museum and Danish Collectable Store. The Danish gift shop/online store sells unique Danish Collectibles such as Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl Plates, Viking toys and books, Danish heritage and Christmas memorabilia, and much more.

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