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1975 Truck Driver


Lisa Riggs and Barry Wagner

Truck Driver Who Brought Mill To Elk Horn
Thursday Jan 15th the Danish Inn had a visitor that inquired about the Windmill and waitress Joanne Greving asked well what do you know and he said he was the truck driver that brought all the 1848 Denmark Windmill pieces back in November of 1975. His name is Barry Wagner from Nazareth PA. He had a great memory and proceeded to tell Joanne and the Riggs who just happened in for seafood night. He said the that he lost bits and pieces off the truck most of the way from Port Elizabeth NEW Jersey as the lumber was mostly rotten. He remembered as he came in to town all the residents were watching and one local man asked if he would turn around with his over weight rig and come back into town as Channel 3 was late and they wanted the TV cameras to be able to film him coming into town with the mill lumber. He remembered that the mill was stuck in US Customs at birth 64 in Port Elizabeth NJ and was being charged over 30,000.00 in storage fees until Iowa's US Congressman Harkin argued us out of that fee so the mill could get on it's way to it's new home in Elk Horn Iowa.
Mr. Wagner just happened to be driving an oversized load on Interstate 80 and had parked at Avoca and had his escort drive him to Elk Horn for supper and see if the mill ever was put together. He says when his wife retires he is bringing her to Elk Horn to stay a few days.

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