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Danish Windmill Receives Award at 2014 Conference

10/24/2014 - Council Bluffs, IA

The Iowa Tourism Office and the Travel Federation of Iowa presented 24 awards recognizing excellence in the tourism industry last night in Council Bluffs during the 2014 Iowa Tourism Conference. The Danish Windmill received the Outstanding Tourism Attraction (Rural) of the Year Award at ... read more about Danish Windmill Tourism Award


Julefest 2014 - Celebrate the arrival of the Christmas Season


Getting into the holiday spirit is easy in the Danish Villages. Celebrated the weekend after Thanksgiving, Julefest offers visitors a way to kick start the Christmas season. For thirty six years, this magical festival has... read more about Julefest 2014


How Denmark saved a small Iowa town

9/28/2014 - The Local: Denmark's News in English

The town of Elk Horn, Iowa has always been proud of its Danish heritage but for most of its existence, the folks back in the motherland hardly knew it existed. The Local's Justin Cremer – himself an Iowa native – visited Elk Horn in summer 2014 for this video report on what happened when a pair of Danish documentaries put Elk Horn on the map.... read more and view video Elk Horn video


Denmark on the Prairie - back to elk Horn


A Danish TV station aired a 1 hour documentary last fall and the Elk Horn Danes became very surprised at the attention they were given. Even the Mayor Stan Jens and local citizen Jordan Hansen were flown over to do a media blitz before the film was released in Copenhagen.... read more about Denmark on the Prairie - back to Elk Horn


Denmark TV documentary highlighting the Danish Villages


Earlier this year, two Danish filmmakers Anders Birch and Jakob Vølver came to our Danish Village of Elk Horn, Iowa to find what all of Danishness was all about. After 150 hours of filming they painstaking put together... read more about Denmark TV Documentary about the Danish Villages


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