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Stig Hansen Book Signing

Elk Horn, Iowa September 10, 2008
Book Signing at the Danish Windmill

Danish Immigrant author Stig Hansen, winner of the National “Best Books” 2007 Award for International Cookbooks, is coming to Elk Horn, Iowa Friday, September 19th. Stig is the author of “Cooking Danish”, the only complete full color cookbook in English. He will be signing copies of the book at the Danish Windmill from 1 pm to 5 pm. The Danish Windmill will be serving Iowa wines and Danish cheeses.
Stig Hansen is an award-winning professional chef and recognized authority on Danish cooking. He was born and raised in Denmark, so he has been around great Danish food all his life. Right out of high school, Stig started as a chef’s apprentice. After culinary school, he apprenticed on board world-wide sea going freighters cooking traditional Danish food for the crew members. He furthered his training and experience by working at first class hotels in Copenhagen and Greenland. After graduating from the Danish State Culinary School, he spent two more years on board ship cooking for the Danish navy and then immigrated to the United States. His work has taken him to several US states and he is very involved in the Danish communities wherever he has lived.
This cookbook brings to life the Danish Spirit in the American kitchen. This book features selections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, from breads to main dishes to desserts. The colorful photographs will help show you step by step how it’s done and how each dish should look. It is ideal for Danes and people of Danish descent who wish to explore or rediscover their culinary heritage. Call today to reserve your cookbook for $34.95 at 712-764-7472.
Elk Horn is located just six short minutes North of Interstate 80, Exit 54.

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