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Our Legacy–The Mill's Future Relies on Funding the Endowment Today

Over the years, the Danish Mill Corporation has limited its fundraising to an annual appeal for donations from individuals in the local community supplemented by drives for restoration and capital projects such as this one. In planning for the long-term welfare of the Mill, the Board formed the Danish Windmill Endowment Fund, which is managed by the Omaha Community Foundation.

As the population ages and people relocate out of the area, by contributing to the established Danish Windmill Endowment Fund, you can help assure that future generations will be able to experience the Danish cultural heritage and traditions that shaped our way of life on the Iowa prairie.

What is the Windmill's Danishness all about?

We find that in preserving our cultural heritage, our Danish Windmill plays an essential role in helping to sustain our community development. It gives our Villages a sense of place, pride, and uniqueness. It is the icon and foundation of our communities. We celebrate and promote our Danishness as ethnic, cultural, and heritage tourism. It is a clean industry, provides jobs, stimulates the local economy and brings in new dollars. Most importantly it helps keep our Danish Heritage alive.

We would welcome a gift of any amount.

You can send a check, make a donation through our website, or contribute to the Danish Windmill Endowment Fund. Proceeds from the online store and gift shop purchases also support the programs and upkeep of the Windmill Museum. The Mill is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Of course, for a substantial contribution, we would consider a formal recognition of the gift by dedicating some aspect of the complex in the donor's honor. We will be more than happy to meet with you should you wish to discuss the Mill further. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the staff, we thank you for considering a potential gift.

The search of knowledge and learning is of great merit. Pass on what you know to your folk. –Old Viking Proverb

This heritage landmark could bear your name...

Danish Windmill Complex

With your permission, the Board of Directors would consider it a privilege to publicly acknowledge its gratitude for your generous gift of $1 million or more by naming the heritage complex in your honor.

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