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Capital Improvement and Historic Preservation Initiatives

Over the course of the past four decades, the Windmill Museum has headed up a number of projects to maintain and improve the Windmill and enhance the complex. Some of these projects include:

  • The construction of a new cap frame and replacement of all the mill gears
  • The construction of the VikingHjem on the Mill's grounds
  • Painting of the sail stocks and shutters
  • Reshingling the entire mill
  • Installation of the first electric vehicle charging station in the area
  • Relocation of the tiny Morning Star Chapel and Ebeltoft Village to the Mill grounds from the Museum of Danish America
  • Completion of the Interpretation Path connecting the Windmill to the VikingHjem

The Windmill Museum has identified several other projects we feel will maintain the health of the mill and greatly improve its tourist appeal. A few of these projects include:

  • Installation of a working set of grinding stones
  • A much needed renovation to the Mill's sack hoist
  • construction of a band shell and public restrooms
  • expanded museum exhibits showcasing windmill technology and history.

Construction of the VikingHjem

For several years, the Danish Mill sponsored Viking reenactments and it became the dream of Vikings from around the United States, that Elk Horn should have a Viking Longhouse where they could come together and perform on a regular basis.

In 2008, a VikingHjem (Viking Home) was built on the southeastern portion of the Mill's property in Elk Horn. This new attraction enriched the educational and historical experience so that even more school tours and tourists come to visit to get a glimpse of the Viking Age.

With the increased interest in Vikings in current popular culture through movies, television, and video games, the Viking theme not only helps to market Elk Horn and the Danish Villages along with the 1848 Danish Windmill, the Museum of Danish America, and Bedstemors Hus, it helps to engage a younger generation in our heritage and culture.

Thanks to your ongoing support over the past forty years, the Danish Windmill has become one of Iowa's most treasured tourist attractions. Through your continued generosity, the Danish Windmill will continue to tell future generations about our Danish ancestry, our agricultural heritage and our community spirit. Your gifts have kept us going!

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