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Elk Horn – One of the best towns in Iowa

I’m a small-town girl. I love everything about small towns and often think about all the fun times I had growing up in one. So when given the chance to explore the town of Elk Horn, Iowa, we literally couldn’t wait. After spending 2 days in this adorable town, we really do feel that it’s one of the best towns in Iowa that deserves your attention as well.

With a population of 650, visitors are spotted from a mile away – but what makes this unique, is that every single person is welcomed to stay, visit, explore and fall in love with this little Danish community. (and by “little”, I mean the largest Danish settlement in the US)

It’s hard to deny the ambiance and appeal of this town when it has a gorgeous towering windmill towering over the town. It literally can be seen from any street or view in the area. And once you take the time to hear the history of the Danish Windmill and take your own little tour, you’re going to be in awe of how this small Iowa town has come together to make an amazing place of friendship… continue reading on

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