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Danish Windmill Restoration Project Overview

Phase 1
Inspection and Assessment of damage

The project consists of two phases—
a) inspection and assessment of damage and
b) making the repairs.

The Danes are Coming
World-renowned Danish historic mill expert, Lise Andersen, and millwright, Michael Jensen will come to Elk Horn to address the repairs. While here they will also present an historic mill maintenance seminar. This will help us better understand how to strategically plan for the Mill's preservation needs.

Repair and Restoration
Ben Hassett, is owner of B.E.Hassett-Millwrights, Inc., and has extensive knowledge of mills and completed many historic mill restorations across the country.

Hassett has worked on our Mill before as an apprentice to Derek Ogden, the world-renowned millwright that did the initial maintenance plan, blue prints and rebuilding of the Mill's cap frame in 1995.

Hassett will carry out repairs and restoration work of the windmill, with a view to repair instead of replace, in order to preserve as much of the original fabric of the structure and machinery as possible.

With that being said, his workshop and tools are in Virginia so some of the construction may be done there and then transported to Elk Horn for installation.

Phase 2
Making the Repairs

The aim of repair is to retain and maintain as much as possible of the existing structure and machinery in order to preserve the historical and technical integrity of the mill.

Where replacement of any part is deemed necessary, the replacement will be carried out using appropriate and comparable materials. If possible the original part will be used as a pattern, so that the design of new parts is in keeping with local tradition and practice.

Old parts removed and replaced may be preserved as part of the museum because of their historical or technical interest. Since the goal is for the Mill to work, we'll make sure that the machinery is set up to run as smoothly, efficiently and safely as possible.

We promote the museum as a "working-example of life in an earlier time". Our goal is to repair the mill so it can be turning in the wind again.

Project Needs:
Volunteer, Cash & In-Kind Support

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