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Lisa Steen Riggs Elected to the 2022 Rebild National Park Society Board of Directors

Lisa Steen Riggs, Manager of Elk Horn’s Danish Windmill was elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Rebild National Park Society, a Danish-American Friendship Organization that has existed for over 110 years.

Presentation of the elected and newly-elected members – who serve on the Board for a three-year period was held at the Annual Meeting held in Chicago April 30th, 2022.

Lisa Steen Riggs

Their mission is to work to strengthen and support the friendship and cultural ties between the people of Denmark and the USA. The Rebild Society sponsors the gathering of thousands for the 4th of July Festival in Rebild Hills of Denmark. This celebration of America’s Independence Day in the Rebild Hills is the largest celebration outside the USA. It was started by Danish Immigrants in 1912 and the land was donated to the Danish nation with King Christian X as the receiver. It stands today as one of the first National Parks in Denmark with over 300,000 visitors hiking the Park every year. The Board is excited to announce the attendance of H.M. Queen Margrethe II this year.

Lisa is honored to be a part of this historic society. “Through my job I have traveled to Denmark numerous times. I have established strong relationships with Danish businesses and my extended Danish family,” Riggs stated. “Over the years of managing a historic 1848 Danish Windmill Museum from Nørre Snede, DK has taught me the importance of sound financial integrity, good leadership skills and knowledge to market, promote and maintain our cultural heritage. I believe I can help bring new ideas to the table and assist in the continual branding and storytelling of The Rebild National Park Society.”

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