Bramming Elves – Double-Sided Print


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Bramming elves, double-sided print decorations– 30 cm, Assortment of 5 (5/BAG)

The Danish artist Frederik Bramming (1911 – 1991) is known for being the originator of the concept of crawling elves.

The story of Bramming’s goblins dates back to 1947, when the first rock sheet with crawling goblins was published. There had been scrapbooks with goblins from the beginning of the 20th century, but the name “crawling goblins” first appeared when Bramming in 1947 published a scrapbook entitled “crawling goblins”.

It was published by Kunstforlaget Alliance, and the first two sheets were published in 80,000 copies – and pretty much everyone who grew up in the 50s and 60s knows his toothless goblins with the long hat without a tassel and the slightly oversized tights .

Another characteristic of Bramming’s goblins is that they are always happy. He had done pre-studies before launching his first sheet of crawling elves, and the perception of Santa as vicious and vengeful matched badly with his own approach to Christmas, which he liked very much. In addition to being in a good mood and full of games, Bramming’s goblins are also deliberately childish. In fact, Bramming stated that his goblins never grow up.

Bramming drew his crawling elves through three decades, and with great imagination he put the elves into new contexts – for example as musicians in the Elves’ Guard Parade, as craftsmen, together with animals etc.

Many of Bramming’s sheets with crawling elves have been reprinted several times.

Source: Aalborg Historical Museum

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