Whole Rye Bread – Landsberg


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This hearty Whole Rye Bread is a deliciously nutritious bread with a deep earthy flavor with a touch of sour taste. Landsberg Whole Rye Bread from Germany is perfectly chewy bread filled with fiber. Rye bread is known for its heavier texture than other kinds of bread due to the lower gluten content, making each slice of this bread fulfilling and ideal for enjoying as a part of a balanced diet. With its satisfyingly chewy texture and slightly crunchy and crispy crust.

Enjoy this Whole Rye bread by Landsberg by topping it with your favorite nut spread like peanut butter, jams, or various sausages. This bread makes for a perfectly nutritious breakfast; If you’re a lover of more savory taste for your breakfast, toast it and add some smashed avocados! Ideal for enjoying with your family.  Landsberg is providing unique and traditional flavors made with quality ingredients with no preservatives.

Facts 17.6 oz. Product of Germany

Ingredients Whole rye meal, water, whole rye flour, salt, yeast.

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