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Morning Star Chapel


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Morning Star Chapel

Built by Danish immigrant carpenter, Charles Johann Walensky in 1951, when he was 83 years old. Charles was born on July 12, 1868 in Lyngby (Lungbu) Denmark and came to America in 1888.

The Chapel was originally located on Walensky's property, located at 121 Dearborn Avenue in Waterloo, IA as a place for people to meditate, pray, and relax. The Chapel was near a rock garden and fish pond, which he made several years before. Walensky helped build other churches in Waterloo.

Walensky died in 1959, but the Chapel continued to be owned/operated by his daughter, Vivian, until 1963. The Chapel was moved to Walensky's nephew's home, where it remained for another 26 years. (Nephew's name is LaVerne Walensky and his wife's name is Ann and the address of their acreage is 2574 Logan Avenue in Waterloo, IA). The Chapel was moved to The Danish Immigrant Museum in 1995 and then placed on the Danish Windmill grounds in 2014,

Chapel is 6' x 8', contains a pulpit, alter, and 4 small pews. On the ceiling and behind the pulpit are hand painted nature and religious scenes, which were done by a woman who was the Director of Art at the Independence, IA State Hospital. The Chapel also includes a copper cross on the steeple. Organ music was piped in and included a composition by Charles, entitled, "Chapel by the Wayside"

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