The Danes have a word that’s hard to translate but it is as Danish as smørrebrød and akvavit.  It is hygge (hoo-ga) and it illuminates the Danish soul.  It’s feeling cozy, comfortable and appreciating simple pleasures. For example, being with family and friends, sharing conversation and experiences, enjoying new flavors, good food and drink, creating memories.  You can hygge alone too—like binging on your favorite TV show or getting lost in a good book.

In wintertime and around Christmas, invite a few friends and the family over for a visit in front of a crackling fire. Push the sofa and chair up close to the coffee table.  Light the candles and turn off the lights.  Serve plenty of food and drinks, like warm spicy gløgg. Say skål a few times and look everyone in the eye and you’ve got hygge! 

In summertime, you could hygge by tending your garden, enjoying a picnic, attending an outdoor concert or going biking. It’s creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with people around you.  Hygge is our heritage here at the Windmill and you can find hygge-related books, cookbooks, candles and more when you shop in our museum store!

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