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Strong Viking candies with the flavor of peppery salmiak licorice 4.5 oz.

Our candies are made from the finest raw materials and are handmade according to old traditional working methods that date back to the 1800s.  The bun mass is heated in large pots over an open fire, after which, at the right temperature, it is poured out onto a cooling table.  Here, natural flavor and color are added while the mass is cooled, after which, depending on the type of bolche, it is pulled by hand on a large hook until it reaches the right consistency and color. The process is called “oxygenation” and is the oldest and most correct method of processing the candy pulp.  The colored lumps of candy are pulled out and shaped by hand on natural leather, after which these are assembled into a giant candy weighing as much as 50 kg. This is lifted up in an old-fashioned machine called a “Klumproller”, which ensures that the big bolche is kept warm and round.  The large candy is now pulled out by hand and cut with old-fashioned tailor’s scissors into long bars of 1 meter each, after which these are rolled while they cool down.  When the bars have cooled down, they are cut out manually with scissors and a plumb bob, which in technical parlance is called “rock sawing”, and the bite-size pieces that emerge are called “rocks”.  The first cut is always exciting, as this is where the inside of the bolchetan sees the light of day for the first time and the result of all the efforts comes to light in the form of a motif in the center of the bolchet.  At Almuegaarden, we are proud to be among the world’s most skilled at producing beautiful and well-liked motifs inside the candies, which is based on artisanal experience built up through generations of hard work and attention to detail.

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